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We deal with more toxins, stress, immune challenges and infectious conditions  in our day to day lives now than ever before. Our bodies have an inherent, self-healing capacity that is taxed increasingly more by this onslaught. We can empower our bodies to handle the workload more efficiently:


  • ImmunoClean™ as immune modulator supports your immune system in its daily tasks.  
  • ImmunoClean™ as a "water" cleanser (...our bodies are up to 70% water) lowers the toxic burden on the body systems through an oxidation and alkalizing metabolic effect
  • ImmunoClean™ works based upon the principles of nature, which uses oxygeas part of the elemental exchanges that restore balance and pH 
  • ImmunoClean™ is made up of 12 herbal extracts that have tested and proven properties of organ protective and stimulation functions

How it works

  • Oxygenates your body
  • Improves your circulation
  • Detoxification and cleansing at your cellular level
  • Supports your body to regenerate more efficiently

The Science

  • ImmunoClean™ contains 12 herbs that have well-researched and published health properties, which facilitate improvement at your microcirculation level and improves and stimulate your natural detoxing and regeneration processes.
  • The immune system also uses oxygen to fight off and oxidize opportunistic organisms. Oxygen is a fundamental part of our defense and is also the method nature and our bodies use, to alkalize the biology in a constantly changing and ongoing, metabolic, regenerating process.
  • ImmunoClean™ facilitates an oxidation release from the mineral exchange with your fluids (water to water), delivering oxygen via water to your oxygen-deficient or acidic areas, whilst stimulating excretory processes of waste at your cellular level.
  • ImmunoClean™ has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the cytokine storm (inflammation storm)
  • ImmunoClean™ has heart-protective properties
  • ImmunoClean™ is a liver and brain tonic


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